27 Mar

A young woman horrified to realise she danced with Hitler at a party

A leading man who dies and is replaced by his best friend whom he then haunts

A woman who bonks a swan on a very dark night

A mother protecting her son who's a ruthless killer

Elvis Presley, alive and living at a ski resort

An intense man-computer love story

Ice-skating over the top of some water demons

Frederick Delius dying of syphilis

A washing machine

A ghost rising from a lake and being reunited with its pet dog

Being a building assaulted by intruders (inspired by Stephen King’s The Shining which she says is the only book that’s ever frightened her)

π  (she sings the number to 100 decimal places)

Being a baby in a womb during a nuclear war:

A member of the Viet Cong using their sense of smell to trail an American soldier

A woman trying to stop her husband human trafficking

Being held back from meeting god by gaffer tape

Only being able to move in slow motion

Wilhelm Reich getting arrested and his son seeing it happen

The search for knowledge

A husband falling for the anonymous writer of love letters because they remind him of his wife, and then the letters turning out to be a test of his faithfulness by his wife

A mother grieving for her son killed in battle and feeling like she could’ve prevented it if she’d bought him a guitar when he asked for one

Someone who is sneaking away from a party

The false but addictive solace of the Internet

A man and a woman swapping bodies just to see what it's like

Building then fucking a snowman

When old lovers meet and nearly hook up again but at the last minute don’t

Instructions for making yourself invisible

A turkey taking revenge for Christmas

A woman surviving a shipwreck and trying to stay alive in the water:1

A sexy re-interpretation of the Bible’s Song of Solomon

What it might be like to live as a woman free from the male gaze

Fifty different words for snow2

How fishing villages look like they’re covered in spider webs

Some mountain climbers who find Yeti footprints and cover them up to stop others  tracking the creature

Herself as a cat stalking a bird who is her love

A woman pleading with her smuggler boyfriend not to take another job

The impact of uranium mining on the Aboriginal people

A bank robber freaking out because their heist has gone terribly wrong

A friend's belief in the healing power of angels

The illegal exportation of South American parrots

Anal sex ("He's too busy hitting the vaseline")

The politician Ken Livingstone

Her mime instructor (when she gave him a copy of the record he was amazed because he didn't know she was a singer)

How the violin makes her anxious

Being pursued by a witch hunter

A governess being passionately kissed by an adolescent boy who is possibly possessed by his father’s dead employee

Peter Pan dreaming of becoming an astronaut

A woman hunting down and killing the men who killed her husband on their wedding day

When you fleetingly get the thing you really want but can never have it again

A secret military plan to develop a sound that can kill people:

This is 'The Ninth Wave' an experimental suite of songs that make up side two of the album 'Hounds of Love'. It's bonkers and powerful, all about the stuff this woman goes through after she's shipwrecked. 

drifting, twisting, whiteout, blackbird braille, Wenceslasaire, avalanche, swans-a-melting, deamondi-pavlova, eiderfalls, Santanyeroofdikov11 stellatundra, hunter's dream, faloop'njoompoola, zebranivem, spangladasha, albadune, hironocrashka, hooded-wept, phlegm de neige, mountainsob, anklebreaker, erase-o-dust, shnamistoflopp'n, terrablizza, whirlissimo, vanilla swarm, icyskidski, robber's veil, creaky-creaky, psychohail, whippoccino, shimmerglisten, Zhivagodamarbletash, sorbetdeluge, sleetspoot'n, melt-o-blast, slipperella, boomerangablanca, groundberry down, meringuerpeaks, crème-bouffant, peDtaH 'ej chIS qo', deep'nhidden, bad for trains, shovelcrusted, anechoic, blown from polar fur, vanishing world, mistraldespair, snow.

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