22 Apr

Here - in no particular order -  bunch of media links featuring my comic-related activities and rants.

Hamilton Underground Press


Pikitia Press 1

Pikitia Press 2

The Wireless (Three Words)

The Wireless (Sonic Comic)


Auckland Libraries 

The Spinoff (Sonic Comic)

The Spinoff (School Demons)


Open Book Festival


Wellington City Libraries

Auckland Zinefest


From Earth's End

Ronovan Writes

Te Ara

Kill Your Darlings

Adventures of the Coffee Bar Kid


Here are some things I've written that aren't about comics. This blog seems as good a place as any to store them.

High-end creativity: what impact can the use of high-end software have on the creativity of gifted underachievers?

In 2005 I was a Dr Vince Ham eFellow. This research at the ways high-end software (Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop) could support and extend gifted children's creative identities. 

Super-powered shape-changer: An Interview with Francisca Griffin

Done for the Hamilton Underground Press

Interview with Pat Kraus

Done for the Hamilton Underground Press

The Genesis Line

Struggling to understand and organise the music in your life?! The Genesis Line is a complex, yet easy to use system and is likely to be the answer you seek.

Letters and code: Libraries as a site for multiple literacies

A piece written for the National Library NZ exploring the pedagogy of ‘multiple literacies’.

Inquiry exemplars

These are a resource I developed for the National Library NZ. They explore resources as a catalyst for questions and context for learning.

Te Kupenga – 101 stories of Aotearoa from the Turnbull 

I have four essays in this book. They're about Margaret Mahy, Footrot Flats, NZ tape culture, and the NZ physical education curriculum.

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