04 Nov

Part 1 of a bunch of comics I make/made during Tāmaki Makaurau's 2021 Covid lockdown. One per day.

I feel very lockdown weary today.

I am so bored with lockdown that I'm making cartoons about how bored I am with lockdown.

Tonight I am just grumpy.

When I am outside I do finger-dancing.

I feel intensely lethargic. I also feel happy about discovering a new oxymoron.

Today we finally gave up all hope that our band would play in the South Island next month. It's a relatively small thing but I am going to let myself feel a bit sad.

I do like drawing the clothes I currently can't be arsed wearing.

A wee while ago I did a gentle severing spell because I needed help to stay separate from someone. It might be that the covid/bubble thing is a disproportionate response on the part of the universe.

I am thinking about Will Smith more than usual.

I worry about making covid cartoons when every other person in the world is making covid cartoons. But just like the virus, they cannot currently be contained.

This fidget cube is an excellent covid anxiety management tool. It is only slightly less addictive than benzodiazepines.

I feel a bit bummed again today. My yellow cushion is mocking me.

A friend rightly pointed out that I am drawing my hair too long. In the level 3 cartoons I will sort it, but fucked if I'm redoing the level 4 ones.

It is kind of amazing that at 1.15pm every day anyone can text just a number and the recipient will know exactly what it means.

I am getting lockdown-chubby. I am trying hard not to mind.

My boss said to me, "you're not working from home, you're working in a pandemic". I had a little gratitude weep as soon as the video camera was off.

I took my rings off about an hour ago. I am still waiting for the finger dents to disappear.

I have learnt to like gin. L stands for lockdown, levels, and liquor.

Daylight savings? Sure. Give me all the disorientations.

I have yet to meet with anyone who has a prettier Zoom environment than me. It's not bragging if it's true.

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