05 Nov

Part 2 of a bunch of comics I make/made during Tāmaki Makaurau's 2021 Covid lockdown. One per day.

If the sheets were clean I'd stay in bed.

I am brooding over lost loves. This is unexpected and unhelpful.

The tarot told me I am tough as fuck. Thanks for the reminder, universe!

The copious amounts of mints have no impact on my inside-mask breath.

Five well-meant but impossible and exhausting response-requiring things I haven't had to hear during lockdown: 1. Really? Those curls are natural?
2. You should illustrate children's books.
3. Gosh what unusual tattoos.
4. What kind of music does your band play?
5. Come on, you like New Order more than Joy Division?

Normally I wear socks when I sleep but during lockdown, for some unknown reason I have wanted bare feet [insert hideous cringy freedom metaphor here].

I have a stomach ache. Its cause is equal parts level 3 rule confusion and jelly beans.

These latest level 3 rules? I just don't feel the vaccinations are high enough.

Suddenly everything is open. Including people's faces.

Today I wore a work shirt with dungarees. Edgy.

The magic blue writing does not say 'vaccinated' but the sticking plaster does!

I tried to draw a manga-me. What else am I going to do with my time?

I wonder what people not drawing lockdown cartoons are doing with their time?

Thank you for your graphics software inquiries. I use the original gangster, Windows Paint.

Sometimes I just have to go outside and find something pretty to look at.

I've been listening to Milli Vanilli. Catchy tunes, and now that whole not-singing, double-life, capitalist-scheme thing just seems postmodern and arty.

Why yes. Yes I am alone and prancing around my apartment like a rock star.

Another day, another delivery, another trip to the front door in my pajamas.

Lock down. Pin up.

Yesterday's vaxathon was so great! Wonder how Mike Hosking's gonna try and wreck it?

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