06 Nov

Part 3 of a bunch of comics I make/made during Tāmaki Makaurau's 2021 Covid lockdown. One per day.

Influencer party fuckheads. That is all.

I do not care about the lockdown weight. I am still a mega-hot nerd.

It is still nice to be inside on a rainy day.

The Waikato lockdown worries me. It's about the cases but also my lack of preparation for any region-specific cartoon production.

This hope/terror/exhaustion combo is not conducive to thinking up jokes.

I really like drawing clothes. Who knew?

I draw a lot of these cartoons in bed. It's the only action I'm getting there.

Unlike other incarnations, this cartoon Indira cannot speak to the audience not get naked nor magically, painlessly cut off any of her own limbs. Lockdown is oppressing us both.

Today my daughter went back to school. She was nervous but would not hug me. Covid has had no impact on her essential teenage mother-scorn.

Right now I would happily go and see the stinkest band (but not U2, obviously).

I have switched to my summer sandal docs and painted my nails. Covid toes. Toevid.

Finding ideas is never a problem, I always have too many. In lockdown though they have no room to dissipate. I am trapped in a creative covid hothouse and sometimes it is exhausting.


I noticed I started making as many cartoons about making cartoons during lockdown, as I did about lockdown. I got meta way before facebook. 

When I'm the only one in a mask it's like wearing your school uniform on mufti day. With the added layer of potential death.

Games of Monopoly seem even longer.

My headphones crapped out just before my big walk

Today someone told me my comics make a difference and that I was an 'essential worker'. Well fuck, if an 18 year-old, shitty-wage earner can brave the supermarket checkout everyday, then I can roll up my sleeves & churn out the comic tat. No comparison.

I dreamt I was wooed by a statistician. Not gonna lie. I was into it. 

Pretty sure it stands for random.

My mind goes wherever it wants. Levels? Steps? Traffic lights? Pffft.

I have been mindlessly online shopping. I suddenly own an excessive number of ridiculous and inappropriate brasseries. 

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