07 Nov

Part 4 of a bunch of comics I make/made during Tāmaki Makaurau's 2021 Covid lockdown. One per day.

Crystal clear.

If I were a dragon I would fly to Wellington and sort out those awful awful people. This form is mighty, and in it I would not be scared at all.

I am going to stay living in the old level 3 for a bit.

I am out of sync with my environment.


Friday evening Juliet cosplay. We've all been there.

Poignant Covid picture without funny caption.


My thighs are bigger. They make my tits look smaller hence immediately cancelling out any womanly appearance advantage.

Green, orange, red? How about Crisp Apple, Sunset Rust, and Flaming Guardsman? Petic and no more confusing. 

I see grey hairs. Perhaps I shall glide out of lockdown a mature and distinguished older woman.

When you use a computer you make comics out of light. This is nothing short of wonderous.

I am nervous about returning to work but I also have lots of good outfits planned.

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